Sponsor a Dog

At Radar we have a number of long termers who need support in order to be in the rescue until their forever home finds them and adopts them. We never put dogs to sleep unless they are terminally ill and suffering. Some of our dogs require more time and more support and they stay with us until they find a new home. Can you help an overlooked dog by sponsoring them? You will get an email update 3 times a year giving you news and pictures of their time with us. We will notify you as soon as a dog gets adopted.


Mr Milo Stunning Akita



Fabulous Franky

Sponsor a Kennel

You can now Sponsor a Kennel at RADAR! This will help pay for the dogs' temporary homes while they are waiting to find their forever home. Anyone sponsoring a kennel will have their name on the kennel board for the time the kennels is being sponsored, and we will post a picture on social media unless you prefer us not to. If you would like to sponsor a kennel as a gift for someone, we will send you a certificate in the post to the attention of the recipient. 

Sponsor a Kennel for a dog in need with a one-off donation: 
3 months: £30 / 6 months: £60 / 1 year: £120.

SPONSOR A KENNEL for 3 Months (£30)
SPONSOR A KENNEL for 6 Months (£60)
SPONSOR A KENNEL for 12 Months (£120)