There are many ways in which you can help RADAR and the dogs we support, working together we can make a real difference to dogs in need. From adopting to sharing our social media posts, it all counts.

How can I donate?

You can donate to our charity via the following methods:



By supporting Radar you are enabling us to do so much!
Did you know that you don’t need a PayPal account to donate, you can just pay with your debit or credit card.


RADAR Dog rescue needs your help! We are a registered charity and rely entirely on the generosity of donors to save lives. We do not get any external funding. We are always in need of support to ensure that our dogs are safe and well, and that we can continue to save dogs in the pound which are due to be put to sleep. 

Adopt a Dog

Adopting one of our dogs is one of the most important things one could do to support our dogs who are all in desperate of a loving home. By adopting a dog, you not only save the life of that dog, but also of the next dog waiting in the pound for a free space with us. Have a look at the Our Dogs that are looking for a forever home.

If you think you could offer the chance to make a dog happy and give them their forever home, please complete the Adoption Enquiry Form.


Cheques can be made payable to RADAR Dog Rescue. Send to: Radar Dog Rescue 25 Inkerman Road, Darfield, Barnsley, S73 9NB.


You can also donate to our cause via - this system allows you do donate to RADAR while you shop online, with no cost to you! Visit our EasyFundraising page. Whether it is your weekly shopping, holidays insurance etc.. most online retailers participate in the scheme and donate a percentage of your business to our chosen charity. 

Amazon Wishlist

RADAR has an Amazon Wishlist, where you can purchase items from Amazon. These will then be sent straight to RADAR! Click Here to view and purchase from our Wishlist.


If you have any fundraising ideas or would like to arrange an event for us, we would be very grateful. We regularly run fundraising events, which you can participate in such as car boot sales and raffles, if you you have any items you would like to donate for these events please get in touch on facebook or by email:


Our dogs always need walking and love meeting new people. It also helps the dogs get used to others, which improves the rehoming process. If you would like to volunteer your time please contact us facebook or by email:


Radar Rescue run a charity shop in Wombwell. You can support our work by shopping with us and donating items to go in the shop or in auctions. If you are interested in volunteering at the shop, please email

Radar Rescue Shop 2 Station Road, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 0BA. Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 9am-2.30pm. Saturday: 9.30am-12.30pm.